Sunday, October 19, 2014

Suzuki Coupling #chempaperaday 85-95

These are the papers that we're required to read for the organometallic chemistry (not exactly, but anyway) course I am taking. The topic is Suzuki coupling and some examples of it. Since I've read them all, it's time to share and record.

Chem.Rev. 1995, 2457
ACIE 2001, 4544
JOC 1999, 23
JOC 1994, 639
JACS 2000, 4020
JACS 2002, 9346
JACS 2005, 4685
ACIE 2004, 1871
JACS 2001, 10099
JACS 2002, 13662
ACIE 2003, 5749

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


"Throughout my life, I have had a strong conscious and unconscious addiction to knowledge. Suppressing knowledge seems to me wrong and impractical. Obviously, knowledge can be used and misused. But, prevention of misuse, I firmly believe, must be kept separate from limitations on knowledge. Those believe that we are not yet ready for some knowledge consider themselves members of a world aristocracy that is ahead of everyone else in its value judgements. Some of the horrible events of the twentieth century may appear to justify their opinion. Nonetheless, I cannot help opposing aristocracy and elitism, whether they be an elite of nobility, race, money, morals, or even knowledge itself."

The quote above is from Edward Teller's Memoirs

Like him, I oppose any kind of "elitism." Today, I was thinking of people who consider themselves as smarter than other people based upon their education. Some people think a degree (especially an advanced degree) is a sign of intellectual capability. In fact, an advanced degree is just a degree that is earned mostly by hard work and sometimes even patience. A few exceptional people aside, most people just become highly professionalized in a certain field with an advanced degree. It does not show that are any smarter than a person without a degree. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Male breast cancer

Here is a very short and informative review about male breast cancer. There is for sure a lot to learn from this rare disease and it will definitely help to understand female  breast cancer.

Stille coupling #chempaperaday 72-84

In this post, I will give you the papers I have read about Stille coupling and some total synthesis papers where Stille coupling used. Some of them are among the mist important papers on the topic.