Friday, May 29, 2015

A Career in Catalysis: John E. Bercaw #chempaper 221

This is a great "Account" highlighting John Bercaw's career and success. If you are in inorganic chemistry, it is very often that you will see his papers cited or his work is mentioned in many papers. If you are doing organometallic work, you will always find some help in his work. 

Thermal Activation of N-H Bonds by Transition-metal Oxide Cations: Does a Hierarchy Exist in the First Row? #chempaper 220

A computational and experimental study of N-H bond activation using first row transition metals except Cu. Because, they couldn't generate [CuO] cation. Three general reactions among the series as follows:

As expected, the three type of reactions are not observed among all the 1st row TMs. The oxophilic early metals for example tend to give the first type of reaction.

I think it is a good study and worth reading.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Strong homonuclear metal-metal bonds #chempaper 219

For some, this might be an "old" article. For people like me, it is another learning opportunity with incredibly valuable information that you can't even read in textbooks. Of course, some of them are outdated now.