Friday, September 15, 2017

Selectivity of C−H versus C−F Bond Oxygenation by Homo- and Heterometallic Fe4, Fe3Mn, and Mn4 Clusters #chempaperaday 312

I follow Agapie group's work very closely and I am a big fan of their papers. Here they report a series of clusters and found out that there is some preference for C-F vs. C-H bond oxygenation and it depends on the metal (Mn vs Fe). 

Catalytic N2 Reduction to Silylamines and Thermodynamics of N2 Binding at Square Planar Fe #chempaperaday 311

Definitely among my top 10 articles in 2017. As I mentioned many times before, I am a big fan of  N2 fixation. So much work, characterization, experiments and a beautiful result here. The highest turnover for N2 silylation! The thermodynamics of N2 binding to iron center is very interesting too. It goes like this Fe(0) > Fe(I) >> Fe(II). Just like you would expect, but now with more evidence. I had the chance to meet the first author at a conference this summer and he is a very nice person and such a good chemist. He gave me some suggestions on my own research and I tried some of them. Very helpful.