Saturday, March 21, 2015

Does cyclopentadienyl iron dicarbonyl dimer have a metal–metal bond? Who’s asking? #chempaperaday 202

A really nice article on why we should draw  a bond between iron atoms in this complex. I presented this paper later to a group of people. I defended Jay Labinger's view and my own literature search and the evidence (homolytic cleaveage to give 17 electron radical species etc.) I saw made me think that we should draw a bond. If you like controversies and discussions on transition metal complexes like me, you will enjoy it.

I should note that the article has quotes from Galileo, poems from Dante and Pushkin. It is not very often you see these types of things in articles which made me like the article even more.

A few quotes:

 ..given Al Cotton’s intimate involvement with the history of both M–M bonds in general and Fp2 in particular – not to mention his fondness for engaging in polemics.

The latter argues against E. O. Fischer’s description: probably this constitutes Cotton’s first polemic in print!)

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