Thursday, June 4, 2015

Inorganic Chemistry Notes 1 - On Oxides

I have recently decided to write down some notes on inorganic chemistry for a few purposes:

    - so that I don't forget a few basic things
    - to memorize some of the tricky details
    - to be able to use the blog as my notebook
      and several other reasons.

These mostly will be from the papers or references I read from time to time.

Here comes the first one on oxides from Cotton and Wilkinson's Basic Inorganic Chemistry textbook.

Ionic oxides react with water to make metal hydroxides. But, they dissolve in acids to produce the metal cation and water.

Covalent oxides, on the other side are acidic in water. The water insoluble ones dissolve in bases. 

Amphoteric oxides are bases towards strong acids and they act as acids in bases.

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