Monday, April 3, 2017

A Structurally Characterized Organometallic Plutonium(IV) Complex #chempaperaday 281

Here is the synthesis and crystal structure of Pu(1,3-COT’’)(1,4-COT’’)(4;COT’’ = h
8-bis(trimethylsilyl)cycloocta-tetraenyl). At first I was trying to understand why they decided to prepare this sandwich complex with two different ligands. Later I realized that there is a silyl shift during the oxidation reaction! The authors discuss the reason and suggest that the shift may be due to some hyperconjugation/stabilizing effect (read the DFT part) I have isolated some weird things from my reactions several times. You never now what really happens until after you isolate these kind of interesting products. It is very common that Early metals, lanthanides and actinides give you really unexpected products. Another interesting note: like the other lanthanides, they again use CoCl2 as a oxidant! 

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