Sunday, July 13, 2014

#chempaperaday Day 35/365 : "Bioinorganic modeling chemistry of carbon monoxide dehydrogenases"

A really nice review on CODHs and relevant bioinorganic chemistry.!divAbstract

"Carbon monoxide dehydrogenases (CODHs) use CO as their sole source of carbon and energy and are found in both aerobic and anaerobic carboxidotrophic bacteria. Reversible transformation of CO to CO2 is catalyzed by a bimetallic [Mo–(μ2-S)–Cu] system in aerobic and by a highly asymmetric [Ni–Fe–S] cluster in anaerobic CODH active sites. The CODH activity in the microorganisms effects the removal of almost 108 tons of CO annually from the lower atmosphere and earth and thus help to maintain a sub-toxic concentration of CO. Despite an appreciable amount of work, the mechanism of CODH activity is not clearly understood yet. Moreover, biomimetic chemistry directed towards the active sites of CODHs faces several synthetic challenges. The synthetic problems associated with the modeling chemistry and strategies adopted to overcome those problems are discussed along with their limitations. A critical analysis of the exciting results delineating the present status of CODH modeling chemistry and its future prospects are presented."

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