Friday, November 27, 2015

Bis(dicarbonyl-pi-cyclopentadienyliron)-A Solid-State Vibrational Spectroscopic Lesson #chempaperaday 253

I have highlighted J. Labinger's paper on cyclopentadienyl iron dicarbonyl dimer before. Today's read is a Journal of Chemical Education article focusing on Raman and IR spectroscopy of this dimer. I guess its main purpose is to show how useful these techniques are, but how difficult it is to determine a structure based on spectroscopy (especially for this dimer). I was actually just reading another paper on this dimer like 5 minutes ago. I'll probably post it soon.

I always think about Raman spectroscopy as some sort of esoteric technique. You always hear about it, read about it; but never see it. Certainly I haven't. We don't even have the instrument in the department. 

I like this paper because there is enough spectra and discussion about both IR and Raman spectroscopy of the dimer. You can also see a nice symmetry treatment and finding the IR and Raman active bands of the two isomers.

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