Saturday, March 1, 2014

Book: Introduction to Metal Pi-Complex Chemistry

As the title states clearly, this book is about the metal and pi-complex interactions. It starts with the history of metal pi-complexes. The first metal pi-complex was Zeise's Salt. But, until the characterization of ferrocene, it did not receive much attention. 

The following chapters include the preparation, reactions, spectroscopic and magnetic properties of the complexes. There is a very short chapter on Crystal Field Theory, Valence Bond Theory and Molecular Orbital Theory too. 

What I like the most about the book is that it provides very simple methods for the preparation and reactions of these complexes. There are around 20 different reactions of ferrocene and ferrocene derivatives. 

The book I have is a 1970 edition and it looks like there is a 1995 edition on amazon. It's worth buying.

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