Monday, March 31, 2014

My ACS Dallas experience

Since this blog is also my diary, I thought it would be a good idea to write down the talks I have been to at ACS Dallas this year. 

First of all, it was the greatest experience I have had as an undergrad. I have seen so many great chemists and I had the chance to listen to some of them. Unfortunately, we left the meeting on Tuesday at noon, so, I missed many great talks. 

X-ray fluorescence imaging and metalloproteomics: Tying images of metals in cells to the proteins that bind them
Lydia Finney

Metal-halogen secondary bonding in iron(II), cobalt(II), and nickel(II) 2,6-dihalophenolate complexes: Insights into the substrate specificity of the hydroquinone dioxygenase PcpA
Timothy E Machonkin, Monica Boshart, Jeremy Schofield, Patrick L Holland, Dalia Rokhsana.

Phosphoryl transfer enzymes: Theoretical studies of native enzymes and ground-state and transition-state analogs
Charles Edwin Webster, Katherine N. Leigh, Roger G. Letterman, Nathan J. DeYonker.

Reversible pyranopterin cyclization in synthetic models of the molybdenum cofactor
Benjamin R. Williams, Sharon J. N. Burgmayer, Anna Kalinsky, Yichun Fu.

Nitric oxide reactivity of the site-differentiated cluster [Fe4S4(LS3)L']2
Eric Victor, Stephen J Lippard.

Bimetallic complexes of rhodium dibenzotetramethylaza[14]annulene ((tmtaa)Rh): Structure, reactivity, and thermodynamic studies
Bradford B Wayland, Gregory H Imler.

Synthetic analogs for reduced [2Fe-2S] cofactors and for Rieske centers
Franc Meyer, Antonia Albers, Serhiy Demeshko, Sebastian Dechert, Eckhard Bill.

Bioinorganic meets organometallic: A tetracarbene-oxoiron(IV) complex
Franc Meyer, Steffen Meyer, Iris Klawitter, Serhiy Demeshko, Eckhard Bill, Oliver Krahe, Frank Neese

Controlling catalytic processes through ligand design
Robert H. Grubbs

Catalytic additions of O-H, N-H and C-H bonds to alkenes
John F Hartwig

Reactivity of the coinage metals beyond electrophilic activation of n systems
Didier Bourissou, Abderrahmane Amgoune, Maximilian Joost.

Fixing nitrogen with iron complexes
Jonas C Peters, John S Anderson, John Rittle, Sidney E Creutz.

Redox non-innocent nacnac and pyridine-imine chelate complexes of first row metals
Peter T Wolczanski, Valerie A Williams, Wesley D Morris, Brian M Lindley, Brian P Jacobs, Thomas R Cundari, Karsten Meyer.

Design of new ancillary ligands with nitrogen and phosphorus donors
Michael D. Fryzuk, Truman C. Wambach, Fraser Pick, Tatsuya Suzuki.

Power curves of buried junction photoelectrochemical cells
Daniel G Nocera

Determining electronic configuration of diruthenium compounds: Coupling crystallography with magnetic studies
Carlos A Murillo

Small HOMO-LUMO energy gap favors the chemistry of low valent silicon and transition metals
Herbert W. Roesky

Phosphorus chemistry and Lewis acid catalysis
Douglas W Stephan

Werner complexes: A new class of chiral hydrogen bond donorcatalysts for enantioselective organic reactions
John A Gladysz

Nickel complexes of electron rich PCP pincer ligands: Bond activation and catalysis
Warren Piers, Dmitry Gutsulyak, Javier Borau-Garcia, Etienne LaPierre, Masood Parvez.

Tantalum and niobium methylidenes
Daniel J Mindiola, Keith Searles.

Anion complexation and sensing with organoantimony compounds
Francois P. Gabbai

Copper-oxygen intermediates relevant to metalloenzymes and other oxidation catalysts
William Tolman

Tuning of the first- and second-coordination spheres in nonheme iron complexes
David P. Goldberg, Alison C. McQuilken, Sumit Sahu, Leland R. Widger.

Shellfish are inorganic chemists: Characterization and synthetic mimics of marine biological adhesives
Erik Alberts, Courtney Jenkins, Heather Meredith, Michael Johnston, Jessica Roman, Chelsey Del Grosso, Michael North, Natalie Hamada, Jonathan Wilker.

DNA signaling among proteins with iron-sulfur clusters
Jacqueline K Barton

PS : I tried to fix the issues with the list, but I couldn't.

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