Thursday, May 8, 2014

The "Cytochrome Cascade"

I have a final tomorrow and I didn't even study more than 2 hours. Maybe it is because it will be my last final as an undergrad or maybe I had a horrible day. I just can't concentrate. Everything I did sucked, every news I heard was bad etc.

I have been reading/studying a Physical Chemistry textbook for some time. It is called The Elements of Physical Chemistry with Applications in Biology. Check it out here on amazon:

I don't want to offend anyone but this is a very "soft" physical chemistry book obviously for biological science and biochemistry majors. But at the same time, it is my favorite P.Chem textbook now. I will write a long post in my "books" series. So, for now I will skip the details and will share this very useful (IMO) scheme with you.

Maybe similar diagrams exist, but I have never seen before. This is a great MAP that shows how electrons are transferred to oxygen molecules in the end.

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