Sunday, May 18, 2014

Calm Before the Storm

It's an exciting night for me. Although I don't get excited often, this night is special. Tomorrow is officially the first day in grad school. So, my heart beats a little faster than it regularly does. I am not sure how many hours I will sleep (if I can sleep any).

I have always thought the best music was produced in 80's and 90's. OK, this one was released in 2000. But, it belongs to 90's for me!

The sky is so clear tonight;
It's so calm before the storm.
All the stars shine so bright
Like the world has been reborn.
I'm think I'm in a dream tonight.
It's still calm before the storm.
But I dream of rising light
A sign it's time to be reborn.

It's still calm before the storm.

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