Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gallium-Iron multiple bond controversy #chempaperaday 189-191

I have three papers starting with a report claiming that there is evidence for a Ga-Fe triple bond and they named it "ferrogallyne."

As you can see the evidence for this so-called multiple bond was not so convincing. So, being an expert in multiple bonds, F.A. Cotton wrote his comments and concerns about this assignment. He explained his reasoning and suggested that there is also a dative bond between Ga and Fe.

There was no reply from the original authors. So, this is unfortunate. I was able to find a computational paper on the issue. But, it's not the best paper to read on the subject. The authors simply say that the triple bond is a "pseudo-conflict" in this case because our bonding model is not "appropriate." Personally, I agree with Cotton and I think there should only be a Ga->Fe bond.

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