Friday, February 20, 2015

The German Chemical Society (GDCh) and Nazi Germany #chempaperaday 194

For those interested in history of science and chemistry, this is a short and a good article.

"all sciences and engineering were involved in the planning of the war, but chemistry played a central role; hardly any area of the war effort was able to do without the help of chemistry, for example in the synthesis of gasoline, new polymeric materials, or the availability of explosives.

A simplified summary is that the DChG was a society for (inter)national researchers in academia, whereas the VDCh represented predominantly the German industrial chemists. The leading scientific
journal of the DChG was the Berichteder deutschen Chemischen Gesellschaft, whereas the top-tier journal of the VDCh was Angewandte Chemie."

I am glad to learn that a new book is coming very soon:

Chemiker im “Dritten Reich” Die Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft und der Verein Deutscher Chemiker im NS-Herrschaftsapparat


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