Monday, June 26, 2017

Roald Hoffmann #chempaperaday 304

A real genius. I was aware of his research even before grad school, but I never read them. I thought they were pure theoretical papers and I would understand nothing. Then for one of my Ph.D. requirements, I did some literature search on metal carbonyls and I started to read his fantastic work on molecular orbitals. One after one, I realized that his papers are much better than any inorganic chemistry textbook you have. His explanation, analogies, examples and the way his mind works to explain orbital interactions is incredible. I enjoyed all of them and didn't stop there. We definitely need more Hoffmann like chemists.

He says "My greatest achievement has been teaching four generations of chemists how to use molecular orbitals in their thinking." and I think he is right. There is noone out there that can teach it better than him. Just pull a paper of his on MO's and you will agree with me.

I was lucky enough to meet him this year. He is such an amazing person and full of life.

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