Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alfred Werner's seminal 1910 paper on polynuclear cobalt complexes: What have we learnt since then?

Alfred Werner is one of my heroes in chemistry. He's probably in top 3 with Linus Pauling and Fritz Haber. I wrote posts about him before. Also here are two links about the controversy between him and Jorgensen:

But, he has some role on almost anything I write about inorganic chemistry since he is the founder of coordination chemistry and probably the most important chemist who showed people the importance and power of inorganic chemistry. What he did in his limited time (he died at the age of 53) and with his limited equipment is simply incredible. He left us hundreds of pages of publications, books and his legend. 

Karl Wieghardt is among my scientific heroes and as I said before I hope I can work for him one day. Here is an interview with him that I posted before. So, I am extremely happy to hear him giving a talk about Alfred Werner. I will not spoil it for you, because I really want you to watch/listen to this presentation by him about Alfred Werner. Once again, I hope you will realize and share my thoughts about Alfred Werner. Because, as Werner's life, the presentation is also full of surprises. I am pretty sure you will learn many things about Werner that you haven't heard so far. I hope you enjoy it.

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