Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#chempaperaday Day 27/365: "Iridium Porphyrins in CD3OD: Reduction of Ir(III), CD3−OD Bond Cleavage, Ir−D Acid Dissociation and Alkene Reactions"

I have never seen iridium porphyrins before (I haven't seen rhoidum ones too.). So, it is interesting for me to read this.
DOI: 10.1021/ic400240b

Due to my lack of knowledge, there are a few things that I couldn't understand. For example, the article says "Iridium(III) porphyrins are thus only metastable reagents for substrate reactions in strongly basic methanol." I have no idea what "basic methanol" is.


  1. I would guess "basic methanol" is an alkaline solution of methanol (i.e. methanol in the presence of NaOH)

    1. Thanks. So basically, it will be sodium methoxide I guess.

  2. The SI has the required info: solutions were alkalinized with the addition of fully deuterated sodium methoxide (NaOCD3)