Sunday, February 16, 2014

#chempaperaday Day 30/365: "Discovery of Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitors of BRD4 Using Structure-Based Virtual Screening"

I love inorganic chemistry. But, if I had a copy of me, I would make him go for medicinal chemistry. I think it is great to be involved in a research field that has an extremely important role in medicine. So, today I read this paper:

I hope you like it too.

Obviously, I do not know anything about medicinal chemistry. But, I hope I know enough biochemistry and organic chemistry to assist me in understanding the very simple parts of a publication. 

With the help of this paper, I also learned (I guess) a few methods in medicinal chemistry. So, I think one method is to do a kind of literature/structure search and a second method is to change (add/remove) functional groups on a molecule. I could be totally wrong too. I hope I am not. Also, it is obvious that medicinal chemists try to design the drugs so that they will fit into the "pockets" or the targets on a protein etc. That sure makes sense. Then chemists come up with probably hundreds of candidates and computational chemists test them in silico before any experiments are done (this is my guess).

One thing I noticed that in "conclusion," it is written "bromdomain" while "bromodomain" is used in the rest of the article. I guess it is a typo.

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