Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book: Why Evolution Is True?

Even before reading this book, I knew evolution was true (because I trust science) and it has been in action since life appeared on Earth. So, the reason for me to read this book was not to look for further evidence or examples of evolution.

The book is a really well written and it follows a logic starting with the scientific definition and components of evolution. I think it is this chapter that really helps to show the relationship between natural selection and evolution. As the author says "(Natural selection) It produces the fitter, not the fittest." It is just one of the components of evolution. Other components cause "evolutionary change" too.

Throughout the book, there are tens of evidences of evolution that support each other such as DNA sequences, fossil records, the distribution of species over the continents, islands etc.

I have never read any other book about evolution before. So, I am not able to compare this book with others. But, I think this is an excellent book that everyone (even if you are a creationist) should read.

Image Source: http://genomebiology.com/2006/7/11/240/figure/F3?highres=y

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