Friday, January 10, 2014

(Text)Book : Metals in Biological Systems

I should warn the popular science book readers that this is not a popular science book. I am trying to take advantage of my winter break and reading as many books as possible. As you know (I guess), I am very interested in Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry. So, this book is one of the books that helped me to refresh my knowledge about the roles of metal ions in biology.

As many other books I read, this is an old edition (1992) too. So, instead of trying to focus on the details like crystal structures, bond angles, bond lengths or characterization techniques; I tried to get the general information about the metals and their roles in different proteins, enzymes and/or reactions.

Like other "short" books on Bioinorganic Chemistry, this one also has a chapter assigned for each metal ("essential" metals) and its role. The last chapter is called "Inorganic Drugs" where you can see some structures, names and uses of several metal based drugs (as of 1992).

It's very easy to read and follow and especially I like the discussions about the evolution of metalloproteins.

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