Saturday, January 18, 2014

#chempaperaday Day 2/365: "Exploration of the medical periodic table: towards new targets"

One of the scientists that does everything I want to do is Prof. Peter Sadler. I try to read the papers published by his group. So, this one is a really nice ChemComm feature article on metallodrugs.

When people think of drugs, they (except chemists) usually think that they are small organic molecules. Well, maybe there are thousands of these drugs, but there are also tens of metal based drugs for several different purposes and in fact they are extremely important as anticancer therapeutics in particular. There are of course metallodrugs that are used in medical imaging, treatment of manic depression, arthritis, ulcer etc. I think, medicinal inorganic chemistry is a great field to study and metals have so many useful properties in designing and synthesizing drugs.

Anyway, in this paper you will find a great introduction and history of metal based anticancer, antiviral and antidiabetic, antineurodegenerative etc. therapeutics and related recent studies. There is a table that lists these drugs and what phases they are at.

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